Replacing Windows in Your Home is a Great Investment!

Replacing your Chicago Windows is one of the best investments you can make to your home.  Some of the advantages of new replacement windows are:

  • Makes your home more energy efficient
  • Saves you money on utility bills
  • Eliminates drafts and coldness near your windows
  • Your Windows Chicago will be easier to clean
  • New windows are cleaner and brighter
  • In most case new home windows have little or no maintenence
  • They open and close correctly
  • And because they work, new windows are safer
  • Will increase the value of your home
  • And most importantly, will give you a renewed pride of ownership in your home

The Best Windows Chicago are found at Innovative Home Concepts' Chicago Replacement Windows Division.



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 Innovative Home Concepts is Your "Go-to" Company for New Windows in Chicago, Illinois

 What makes Innovative Home Concepts different from other companies when it comes to replacing the Chicago Replacement Windows?

 Innovative's main objection is to make "Happy Customers".  Because we know if Chicago homeowners are happy with the work we do for them, they will tell their neighbors, friends, and family. 

Other companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to get new customers.  Innovative prefers to acquire new Chicago window replacement customers through repeat customers and referral business.

Have a trained, professional Innovative Consultant out to show you the best windows chicago for your home. 

New Chicago Windows Make a Huge Difference in Home Comfort

Get Rid of Drafty, Leaky, and Inefficient Home Windows 

Have you ever sat by the window in your home and felt a cold draft hitting you?  A great test to see if you windows are leaking in cold air is to hold a candle up to and around the frame.  If the candle flickers, you have air penetrating your windows and letting in cold outside air. 


Many older windows are not even close to the energy efficiency of modern new windows.  Homeowers are always surprised at the difference replacement windows make to the comfort level in their Chicago homes. 

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The Best Windows Chicago Actually Pay for Themselves

Give your furnace and air conditioner a rest with new Chicago windows

 Inefficient, old windows don't keep the heat out in the summer and in in the winter, making the air temperature in your home fluctuate. This fluctuation causes your home's air conditioner and furnace to go on to regulate your environment.

New Replacement Windows help to keep temperatures more consistant in your home which in turns keeps your heating and cooling devices from turning on. When these devices stay off, they are not using energy and your utility bills are lowered.

Experts say that a high quality replacement window can save you 15-45% on your energy consumption. Imagine that savings in terms of your monthly utility bills. If you saved for example 25% on a $400 a month bill...that would be an extra $100 in your pocket every month. Or $100 toward new windows for your Chicago, IL home. Add that to the higher comfort and increased property value you'll enjoy with new windows and you have a win-win-win situation for you and your family. 

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