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When Replacing an old, leaky skylight there are three important things to consider:

ONLY Use a Company Experienced in Skylight Replacement.
ONLY Use a Quality, Time Tested Skylight Product.
ONLY Use a Skylight installer that Does the Job Right!


Let the professionals at Innovative Home Concepts, Inc. help you replace those old, foggy, leaky skylights.


Benefits of Skylights

Skylights and Sun Tunnels are generally placed in areas of the home that need more sunlight. Often times these areas have no other access to natural light. For example, bathrooms are a common place for skylights since many bathrooms do not have windows.

Adding a skylight or solar tube to your Chicago home lets the sun in and naturally brightens up the room as well providing the important health benefits we go over below.

Another reason is that skylights enhance your decor. Opening up a wall to the outside and bringing in real natural light instead of manufactured light can make that area feel more spacious and attractive.


Fun Fact: Sunlight generally makes people happier and more energetic too, since it provides us with vital boosts of vitamin D and serotonin, the levels of which affect our moods and general enjoyment of life. Its been proven with studies where performance is extremely high for people who get more natural sunlight.

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