Choosing the Best Chicago Window Installation Method 

When replacing the windows in your home there are many decisions that need to be made.  Obviously who is going to be your Chicago window installer is important.  And what brand of window you are going to have installed is another very important thing to decide on.  But less obvious but equally as important is what type of window installation method you are going to choose to use when your new windows are installed.

Homeowner:  SAY WHAT!?!?  I thought you just bought windows and they are put in?

A window installation would seem to be pretty straight forward but there are a number of ways a new window can be installed in a house.  Each of these techniques have their own benefits and draw backs.  So which is best for you, Full replacement or pocket replacement?

Pocket Replacement Installation Chicago

The pocket window installation method is probably the most common way in which new windows are installed in old houses because it's cleaner and easier than the alternative full replacement technique.

In a pocket replacement, the sashes of the old windows are removed.  The frame of thebest window installation chicago il existing window is then stripped of any stops or protrusion that may inhibit a flush installation of the new windows.  The new pocket window then slides into the opening, pretty much using the original window's frame as a frame for the new window to be secured.  The window is screwed in, insulated between the new window and the existing frame, then caulked.  The inside trim is actually never removed so it doesn't need to be replaced.  The outside trim is replaced and usually capped with aluminum and caulked to make for a maintenence free window exterior.

The benefits of this type of window installation:

1.  It's quicker and cleaner than ripping the entire existing window out of the wall.

2.  A Chicago window installer should charge less to put this type of window in

3.  You don't have to pay for new interior trim to be installed.

The downside of this type of installation:

1.  Because the new window is smaller, you will lose some glass area.

2.  If the existing window frame is not insulated well, air will still infiltrate around it.


Full Replacement Window Installation Chicago

When a window installer uses the full replacement method of window installation, just like it's name indicates, the entire old window is removed and new window is installed in it's place. 

best window installer chicagoLet's say you are replacing an old wood window.  The entire old unit would be removed, sashes and frames, down to the studs of your home.  This method requires the removal and replacement of the interior as well as the exterior trim surrounding the windows. The new windows would then be placed in the opening, secured to the house's framing, insulated, trimmed out (inside and out) and caulked.

The benefits of having your window installer put your windows in this way are:

1.  The new window is the same size as the old window so you don't lose glass area.

2.  You won't have to worry whether the old window frame was insulated right.

3.  You get new interior trim that will brighted up your home and make it fresher.

And the downside of this type of window installation is:

1.  Cost more because of extra labor and the cost of replacing trim.

2.  Will be a dirty installation process because you taking the entire window out.


So What is the Best Window Installation Method?

All types of windows can be installed by the full replacement window installation method.  In general however, vinyl and composite windows are usually installed in by the pocket replacement method and wood windows by the full replacement method.

Wood window manufacturers are now starting to make wood pocket replacement windows.  In fact, both wood window lines we carry, Andersen Windows and Pella Windows, both now carry a pocket wood window.

The best window installation is the one that is best for your particular situation.  You need to weight the options and discuss the different methods with your window installer.  In the end, both techniques will do what you want...replace those old, worn out windows, but how much extra cost and extra mess is worth a little more glass and new trim?  Only you know the answer to that.


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How to Choose the Best Windows in Chicago

How to Choose the Best Window Installation Method

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